After these messages?

During the holidays I had the pleasure of going to a movie with the family. The two hour break was a much-welcomed respite in the days-long marathon of constant family interaction and I was looking forward to not only the feature itself, but the trailers as well. A good twenty minutes before the trailers began though, I was treated to First Look NCM’s “ground-breaking pre-feature show.” The intro promised behind the scenes footage and celebrity interviews. “Cool” I thought, at least until it started running. Out of the 20 minutes of content, maybe 3 were devoted to movie related content. The rest was entirely advertising. And we’re not talking great-looking, big production ads that might feel at home in a theater venue. First Look’s “revolutionary pre-feature entertainment” consisted of ads for such stellar programming as the new season of American Gladiator, Celebrity Apprentice, an ad for a local car dealer and my personal favorite the awesome rock anthem Citizen Soldier performed by 3 Doors Down promoting the National Guard. I’m not against pre-feature entertainment or even cinema ads, but let’s try to keep the content relevant. Let’s see some cool behind the scenes footage as promised. Or show me spots that relate more closely to the feature (Let’s see, The Golden Compass so maybe a gaming ad? Yes, my cape is showing). Just don’t make me pay $12 to see a movie and then force me to sit through stuff that I would Tivo through at home. That is not integrating marketers with attention-grabbing content that is going to connect their brands with movie-goers. And really, who wants to see Donald Trump’s puckered face that big anyway?

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