Adland best of 2007 – the TV show titles.

Honestly, there were some great shows this year, which means great titles and after a long hard think these are the two titles that Adland (and I) loved the mostest of them all.

Dexter main title design

A mundane morning turns sinister in the hands of Digital Kitchen with their design for Dexter which won a well deserved Emmy. Shaving, cooking eggs, making plunger coffee and even tying shoes all hints as bloody mayhem and mass murdering violence – just like the calm character Dexter himself who is so clean on top but violent right beneath the surface. We have to let this win only because cutting oranges now scares the bejesus out of us. Damn that’s good.

Mad Men – Title Sequence – (2007) :30 (USA)

Imaginary Forces directors Mark Gardner and Steve Fuller created a free-fall animation where the falling character is suddenly found reclining in a overly confident pose in the end shot – all surrounded by pretty ads and shiny skyscrapers. The end shot was such an iconic image that it became the branding device of the show. Well done.

See also Adland on Mad Men Episode #1 (Pilot) if you missed it.

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