JPMorgan Chase Brings on VaynerMedia as Agency of Record For Voice

In what might be an industry first, JPMorgan Chase has appointed VaynerMedia as its agency of record for voice marketing as the financial services giant looks to amplify its strategy around the nascent practice.

“We want to get organized around having voice as a core part of our marketing efforts and marketing campaigns,” says JPMorgan Chase Chief Marketing Officer Kristin Lemkau. “Voice is not only coming; it’s here, and in a multitasking world, it’s really significant,” she adds.

Over the last year, Lemkau says she’s seen her own use of voice notably increase, whether it’s just to check the weather or order takeout.

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Be Bright, Use A Light

One cyclist in four rides without a bike light in Brussels (I believe the numbers are even higher in Portland, OR), putting themselves and others at risk of serious accidents. To tackle this problem, independent agency mortierbrigade came up with an innovative experience for their client Bike for Brussels: the first “Bike Light Lane”. When […]

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Saiu o primeiro trailer de “Homem-Formiga e a Vespa”

Faltam duas semanas para “Pantera Negra” e “Vingadores: Guerra Infinita” é o próximo capítulo do seu universo cinematográfico, mas isso aparentemente não impediu a Marvel Studios de liberar o primeiro trailer de “Homem-Formiga e a Vespa” na internet. Confira acima. A tão esperada sequência da aventura de 2015 traz de volta os atores Paul Rudd …

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Cleveland Indians enfim vai “aposentar” logo racista

Sendo fã de beisebol ou não, todo mundo já ouviu falar do Chief Wahoo, o mais do que polêmico logo e mascote dos Cleveland Indians. Criado nos anos 40, o índio sorridente do time de Ohio é item de controvérsia desde sua concepção, sendo considerado por muitos nos dias de hoje uma reminiscência racista de …

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Goldman Sachs compra a startup de cartão de crédito Final

Em mais uma aquisição focada na experiência do consumidor, banco vai absorver toda a equipe da nova empresa

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RSA Films has signed accomplished filmmaker Matthew K. Firpo for commercial representation worldwide.

Top 100 Luxury Fashion Trends in 2017 – From Luxury Shopping Clubs to Greyscale Designer Sneakers (TOPLIST)

( These luxury fashion trends in 2017 range from greyscale designer sneakers to grunge-inspired luggage collections. When it comes to the year’s most notable clothing and accessory offerings,…

Luxurious Night Buses – The Simba Snoozeliner Contains Sleeping Pods With High Tech Bus Beds

( Somewhat reminiscent of the accommodations on the Knight Bus in Harry Potter, these bus beds were created to make overnight commuters feel more at home. Simba—the same high tech mattress brand…

Burger King's Net Neutrality Stunt and a Mattress Unboxing Video Go Viral

You may be getting saturdated with teaser campaigns and even full Super Bowl ads released online already, but in the world of our Viral Video Chart, which compiles views in the week through Sunday, Super Bowl mania has not yet fully set in.

That gave Burger King the chance to rack up views for its clever video about net neutrality, of all things, and Purple to make hay from an unboxing video for a conspicuously non-tech product.

As always, the chart includes both organic video views and paid advertising.

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Jack in the Box: Showdown

Video of Jack in the Box Big Game Commercial 2018— #JACKvsMARTHA

Brita: Suck-U-Rain

Brita Experiential Ad - Suck-U-Rain
Brita Experiential Ad - Suck-U-Rain
Brita Experiential Ad - Suck-U-Rain

Rain speckles on lenses drastically reduces people visibilities, which can lead to dangerous situations. Brita presents Suck-U-Rain for every day glasses wearers to increase their visibility by hydrating themselves.

Tide: It's That Simple, 1

Tide Print Ad - It's That Simple, 1

Tide: It's That Simple, 2

Tide Print Ad - It's That Simple, 2

Tide: It's That Simple, 3

Tide Print Ad - It's That Simple, 3

Super Bowl LII Teams Dominate Likes, Comments on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

They may have lost in their respective conference championship games, but the Minnesota Vikings and Jacksonville Jaguars dominated Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from the National Football League’s divisional round through the Pro Bowl, according to social marketing firm Unmetric. During the period from Jan. 13 through 28, the Vikings had the most growth on Twitter…

Amnesty International Hypnotized People to Make Them Feel the Full Horror of Being a Refugee

Amnesty International in the Netherlands wanted people there to have a better understanding of what refugees suffer through. So it hypnotized them and walked them through it firsthand, as depicted in a new campaign from TBWANeboko. In the five-minute video, five test subjects from the Netherlands and Belgium arrive in an empty warehouse. A hypnotherapist…

Snap Launches Bitmoji Deluxe With Hundreds of New Emoji Customization Options

Snap Inc. revealed Bitmoji Deluxe, an upgraded version of its Bitmoji personalized emoji. Bitmoji Deluxe offers more emoji customization options than were previously available, including new skin tones, hairstyles, hair colors, facial features and accessories. In addition, as users are creating their upgraded Bitmoji, they can preview their selections before finalizing their choices. Snapchat’s parent…

How Brands Can Avoid Super Bowl-Induced Temporary Insanity

Once a year, dozens of marketers completely lose their minds.

It’s called the Super Bowl. For medical purposes, let’s call it SBITI (Super Bowl-Induced Temporary Insanity) syndrome.

Though the outbreak usually peaks the first weekend in February, symptoms start appearing as early as the previous July or August when ostensibly normal marketers abandon their fundamental marketing communication practices and start displaying some pretty funky and aberrant behavior.

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Apple to Push Back Some Key iPhone Software Features

Apple executives, seeking to improve the performance of iPhone software after months of reported quality issues, have decided to delay some key features originally planned for this fall’s update, according to a person familiar with the matter.

As part of an annual release of new iPhone models, Apple also usually rolls out a major iOS update each year. The current software version, iOS 11, added augmented-reality features, a file management app and business-user enhancements for the iPad. For iOS 12, Apple has been working on additions like a redesigned home screen app grid, a multiplayer mode for augmented reality games, and a merger of the third-party applications running on iPhones and Macs, the people said, asking not to be named discussing information that isn’t public.

While core features like the combined apps platform are still on schedule to be introduced this year, some flashier changes like the redesigned home screen will likely be held back until the 2019 software update, a person familiar with the matter said. The company will also probably delay a revamped photo management application that used new algorithms to better automatically sort pictures, though some smaller upgrades to the Photos app will still appear this year.

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Australian startup Airtasker to take on Taskrabbit in London after raising £19m

Sydney-based Airtasker, a gig-economy platform, is launching mid-march in the UK after raising AU$33m (£19m) from investors.