Top 100 Marketing Ideas in December – From Nostalgic Storytelling Ads to Sultry Tropical Campaigns (TOPLIST)

( The top December 2014 marketing ideas include many charity-related campaigning and early advertising for the upcoming holidays. November, more commonly known as ‘Movember’ these days,…

Purina Navigates China's Complex Market Where Owners Often Cook for Their Pampered Pets

Chicken and meat mixed with rice and noodles. Actually they cook all kinds of human food for their dogs. Older dog owners, empty-nesters, think they must cook different kinds of foods for their dog to show love.

For the young people, age 25-to-30, with an education, they maybe only feed commercial food to their dogs, along with snacks. But most people are mixing, they don’t use commercial food only. They think their dogs need to eat something different every day for the taste. They think it’s boring for their dogs otherwise.

E-commerce has exploded in China. How is your business adjusting to that?

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Motorola is back, 'fresh and agile', says EMEA marketing boss

The revitalised Motorola Mobility is a cutting-edge, innovative brand that offers consumers “inclusion and accessibility”, according to EMEA marketing chief, Marcus Frost.

Steve Atkinson leaves Outdoor Plus

Steve Atkinson has left his role as commercial director at Outdoor Plus after two years, to “explore new opportunities”.

Vogue promotes Lucy Delacherois-Day to ad director

Vogue, the Conde Nast fashion title, has promoted Lucy Delacherois-Day to the role of advertisement director.

Asos sees UK sales boost after Black Friday

Asos UK has reported record sales during the three months to November, boosted by online shoppers jumping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts.

McDonald's readies burger customisation touch screens

McDonald’s is to offer more personalisation across its menu to stem sales decline and to better compete with restaurants that let consumers pick and choose their ingredients.

Os Vingadores te desejam um feliz Natal


Se você precisava de uma forcinha para entrar no clima de Natal ou quer dar umas boas risadas neste começo de semana, o vídeo acima é perfeito. Editado por James CovenantThe Avengers Sing Christmas Carols reúne cenas dos heróis da Marvel “cantando” canções de Natal, em um projeto que deve ter dado muito trabalho, mas que no final ficou muito bom.

O grande destaque, entretanto, está na sequência final, quando um convidado muito especial – que não faz parte dos Vingadores – resolve dar o ar da graça com uma espetacular interpretação de Jingle Bells. Dê o play e divirta-se.


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Ser cirurgião? Bombeiro? O que requer coragem mesmo é ser publicitário


Acha que é fácil fazer uma campanha de mídias sociais revolucionária em apenas uma semana? Ou ter certeza de que a ideia que foi apresentada para o cliente vai dar certo? Até mesmo fazer aquele logo ficar ‘maiorzinho’ não é nada simples.

Apoiando-se na ideia de que fazer propaganda não é trabalho para qualquer um, a Wieden + Kennedy criou uma série de filmes e pôsteres para o Andy Awards, nos quais médicos, bombeiros, especialistas em desativar bombas e astronautas elogiam a coragem dos publicitários.

Afinal, é preciso muita garra para fazer campanhas globais, integradas, 360, apostando em mobile e até se dispondo a passar horas a fio para terminar um projeto a tempo. “Esses caras da publicidade? Eles são os heróis de verdade”, elogia o bombeiro no segundo filme.

andys-bravery-1 andys-bravery-2 andys-bravery-4

O slogan “Onde apenas os mais destemidos são premiados”, reforça o posicionamento da marca e convida publicitários a inscreverem seus melhores trabalhos.

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Statoil Regional Offices

Avec sa façade faite de vitres et sa surface de 117 000 mètres carré, le Statoil Regional Offices, localisé en Norvège, a été construit en 20 mois par A-Lab architects et 2500 travailleurs. Ce bâtiment a été pensé comme un jeu de construction jaillissant de toutes parts avec des blocs qui s’empilent et se croisent. A découvrir.

Images by Ivan Brodey and Luis Fonsesa.

Country Music Association Works to Attract Brands, Change Perceptions of Its Fans

It’s a rainy Wednesday morning in November. Nearly 40 marketing executives from companies including Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo and Colgate-Palmolive are sitting in a conference room at the Country Music Hall of Fame sharing more about themselves than they’d probably planned. Damon Whiteside, senior VP-marketing and partnerships at the Country Music Association, has asked them to name their favorite country artists. Some, like Steve Doan, brand manager for Jose Cuervo at Proximo Spirits, have trouble naming even one.

And that’s exactly why the CMA has assembled them in Nashville. According to CMA research, the country fan base over the age of 12 has soared 31% during the last decade from 80.9 million to 106.6 million. Of those fans, 34% are in the prime advertiser demographic of 18-to-34- years old. More than half work full-time and are married, college-educated homeowners. Country music fans’ average yearly household income is around $76,200, slightly higher than the general population.

Yet, there’s a disconnect between an ad industry that tends to live on the coasts and regards America’s heartland as flyover country. That’s why the CMA is holding this marketing summit, its ninth such program, just hours before one of its signature events, the Country Music Association Awards.

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Dollars & Scents: From Clothes to Cars to Banks, Brands Seek Distinction Through Fragrance

There are certain scents — warm cookies, fresh-cut grass, salty air — that evoke powerful memories and can alternately make someone feel cozy and content, energized or just plain happy. It was only a matter of time until someone bottled that up and sought to connect scents with sales.

As brands continue to search for innovative ways to distinguish themselves, scent marketing is becoming another tool in their arsenals. “We’re where music was 15 years ago,” said Roger Bensinger, exec VP of AirQ by Prolitec, which works with Abercrombie & Fitch, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and Giorgio Armani, among others. “You wouldn’t walk into an established retailer today without some sort of music playing, but that wasn’t the case 15 or 20 years ago. You can walk into a beautifully designed space, and it’s rendered meaningless if there’s a bad smell or an absent smell.”

While the roots for scent marketing lie in odor control — think smoky casinos and medicinal doctor’s offices — industries as varied as retail, hospitality, auto dealers and financial services are now looking to scent as a way to better define their brands.

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Neo Rheumacyl Liniment: Fight The Pain

Neo Rheumacyl

Advertising Agency:Lowe & Partners, Jakarta, Indonesia
Chief Creative Officer:Roy Wisnu
Executive Creative Director:Firman Halim
Copywriter:Dhannisa Nurfira
Creative Group Head:Fanny Pardiansyah
Senior Art Director:Reza Maulana
Agency Producer:Handayani Wirdan, Fien Juharyati, Nova Anastasia
Studio:Caravan Studio
Illustrator:Indra Atmana
Account:Wimala Nandiwardhana

Rinso Detergent: Farm, Zoo, Coocking


Play for real.
Dirt is good.

Advertising Agency:Lowe & Partners, Jakarta, Indonesia
Chief Creative Officer:Din Sumedi
Executive Creative Director:Firman Halim
Copywriter:Kurniawan Hatigoran
Group Head Creative Group Head:Aji Bekti
Senior Art Director:Reza Maulana
Graphic Designer:Faruq Sholihin, Danang, Bayu Adharmacila, Faisal Rangga
Agency Producer:Audrey Aristianti
Retoucher:Drianka, Surya, Rudi

Pop Bottle Houses – The USA Can End Homelessness by Building Plastic Bottle Houses (GALLERY)

( The latest social buzz circulating the Internet are plastic bottle houses; using the water and pop bottles found in landfills to construct homes for the homeless. Every second in the United States…

ESI Media promotes Veeramah Collins to sales director

ESI Media, home to the London Evening Standard, The Independent and London Live, has promoted head of TV, Kavita Veeramah Collins, to the role of sales director at London Live.

Sky adds postcode targeted ads to AdSmart offering

Sky Media has expanded the way brands can use its AdSmart targeted TV ad platform, including allowing advertisers to plan campaigns by postcode.

Christmas social chart: Sainsbury's tops John Lewis for engagement

Which adverts really stole the hearts of consumers? Social listening experts analyse the data to show which ads really had an impact on people’s attention and evoked real emotion.

Coca-Cola finalises European support for Uefa Euro 2016

Coca-Cola has finalised its line-up of agencies to support its communications activity in Europe around the Uefa Euro 2016 football tournament.

Red Bull UK's marketing director Huib van Bockel departs

Red Bull’s senior marketer in the UK, Huib van Bockel, has quit the brand to run his own consultancy.