Nesta Black Friday, compre “Nada”

Nothing Black Friday

Nos Estados Unidos, a primeira sexta-feira após o dia de Ação de Graças é marcado por uma correria ao consumo. Na chamada “Black Friday”, o comércio pratica descontos generosos, fazendo com que as pessoas enfiem a mão no bolso.

O pessoal do movimento britânico Do The Green Thing resolveu mostrar qual vai ser o produto mais quente dessa Black Friday: nada. Zero, nada de nada, algo que não custou nada para ser feito, não gastou nenhum tipo de recurso e também vai ser vendido a preço de nada.

O “Nothing” imita uma página de produto da Amazon, e traz diverso depoimentos em vídeo sobre consumo consciente. Artistas e bandas falam sobre o nada, todo mundo está falando sobre o nada.

Seria exagero chamar de protesto, é sim uma forma ácida e sensato de alertar sobre o consumo desenfreado.

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OMD takes top gong at Campaign Media

LONDON – OMD UK has won the Campaign gold award for Media Campaign of the Year with its “do us a flavour” activity for Walkers.

Sultry Baring Sweatorials – Heat Up With Edita Vilkeviciute in Numero Magazine (GALLERY)

( I think the wrong season is around the corner, because there is absolutely no frostiness for Edita Vilkeviciute in Numero Magazine. A highly heated editorial, this young model is not only baring her rather…

Polar Obsession

Un parfait exemple du travail du photographe Paul Nicklen actuellement intégré au magazine National Geographic. De nombreuses photos primées d’ours blancs ou de léopards des mers capturés dans la faune, l’Arctique et l’Antarctique. Plus images à découvrir dans la suite.












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NZ Book Council – Going West

Produced by Colenso BBDO
Animated by Andersen M Studio
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First Direct founder Peter Simpson in consumer insight start-up

LONDON – Peter Simpson, a founder of pioneering direct-to-consumer bank First Direct and a former commercial director of HSBC, is launching a consumer insight and planning consultancy with Leeds-based agency Intermarketing.

Going Mobile for Hopenhagen

Hoping to drive more people to support Hopenhagen, a pro bono mobile campaign from Millennial Media has joined the global effort on climate change.

Reflection of the same idea / Pâle reflet de l’idée originale?

miroir2003 miroir2009
Roca Taps “Narcissist? Maybe…” – 2003
Source : Cannes Archive Online,
Agency : Publicis Casadevall, Barcelona (Spain)
ISCA Taps “Beautiful taps” – 2009
Source : Adsoftheworld
Agency : FoxP2, Cape Town (South Africa)
Miroir, mon beau miroir, dis moi de ces deux annonces laquelle est la plus originale? La seconde étant vraisemblablement un pâle reflet de la première.
Un exemple paru d’abord dans CB News Magazine N°1035
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Regionals launch integrated print and online planning tool

LONDON – The regional publishing industry has launched what it claims is the first integrated print and online planning currency, which proves websites extend local newspaper audience net reach by an average of 14%.

What Do Matt Lauer, Social-Media Experts and My Kid Have in Common?

As a Small Agency Owner, and blogger-about-town for my friends at Ad Age, I thought why not do the lazy thing . . . scratch that . . . original thing . . . scratch that . . . I mean appropriate thing and give some Thanksgiving shout-outs.

What Does Black Friday Even Mean Anymore?

What does "Black Friday" circa 2009 mean anyway? It's always been a weird marketing construct — as if consumers ever really cared that the day after Thanksgiving is the chance for retailers to clear the red ink from their ledgers and go into the black (though who knows how realistic that expectation is this year). And while the supposed joy of frenzied bargain-hunting still gets celebrated in the media (shots of bustling mall scenes will surely open local newscasts across the country Friday evening), the darker possibilities, like last year's gruesome Walmart stampede remain an unsettling subtext. ,

Must Weep TV: Bringing Ma, Pa and Biological Child Together

Come tomorrow afternoon, many of us will congregate with family members we haven't seen in a full 12 months. We'll banter about the weather, feign interest in meandering anecdotes and quietly critique every aspect of each other's being. Come nightfall, we'll embrace warmly and promise to re-adjourn 365 days hence, then set about covering the freshly picked emotional scabs with ointment. But for the next few hours at least, we're all about bringing families together. In that blithely unaware spirit, I heartily recommend ABC's new celebration of unity and forgiveness, "Find My Family".

Association of National Advertisers Join Protest of Nielsen’s Metric Switch

NEW YORK ( — The battle for local-media measurement has intensified in the last 24 hours, with the Association of National Advertisers now lobbing a protest against Nielsen's recent decision to incorporate DVR users into its official estimates of how many people watch programming on local TV stations. Just a week ago, the
media committee of the American Association of Advertising Agencies sent a blistering letter to Nielsen protesting the switch.

Unabashed Price Slash Seems Just What WWE and Its Fans Needed

Value has been a key focus for Exec VP-Marketing Michelle Wilson and WWE, which managed to boost ticket sales 29% during the third quarter by cutting pricing, a result most leagues envy thanks to a tactic most have tried to avoid.

Google trials new local ad search formats

LONDON – Google is trialling new relevant, interactive and local search ad formats in a bid to keep ahead of rival Bing.

CHI creates hamster jazz band for Drench ad

LONDON – Following an X Factor-style audition, CHI has assembled a jazz band – consisting entirely of hamsters – to star in its latest ad for Drench water.

Birthday Suit Painting Parties – Kimberly Van D Gets People to Get Down With Paint (GALLERY)

( Words don’t often fail me, but they certainly are now. Um…art? Um…maybe? Seattle artist Kimberly Van D is selling these birthday suit painting party photos on her Etsy site; the link is below if you feel…

Freesat iPlayer rollout to start in two weeks

LONDON – Selected Freesat owners will get access to the BBC iPlayer for the first time in a beta test commencing on 7 December.