2007 Adland Roundup – A look back at the year in advertising

Hello boys and girls of Adland! Yes, it’s that time of year again when we do the Adland roundup and list the year’s best and worst ads.
My, my, I can’t believe time flies when you’re having fun – can you believe we’ve been doing this since 2003. Nostalgics may start their tour of previous years Round Ups here: 2003 part 1 and 2003 part 2. Adland roundup 2004, the ads, and adland roundup 2006 part 1.

Now let’s get into the fun!

2007 seemed to be a year of medicore or average ads overall. There were some quite good ads, of course, with the usual sprinkling in of shocking and ready for bannage. We saw some bizarre furries themed work from FFL for Orangina. Last years big bringing back the dead trend continued as CP+B brought back a super creepy Orville Redenbacher. Uncle Ben was brought out of retirement, in April there was news about bringing back Bartles & Jaymes characters, and in the UK they trotted out Comedian Bob Monkhouse, but at least it was for a good cause. And we said goodbye to Alan Maxwell Pottasch and Jack Zander .

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