1200 CCs? Nah, 38 Double-Ds

If Santa didn’t stuff a boob job in your stocking, don’t despair, Biker Claus is still delivering packages.
Picture_2 Ladies, on Jan 12 and 13, you can come on over to the KC Bike Show and register to win a free breast augmentation courtesy of Wide Open Motorcycle Magazine. That’s right, their promotional giveaway is a FREE BOOB JOB (msrp $6000). Hells yeah!

Ralph Roades, publisher (I think) of Wide Open Motorcycle Magazine put up the billboards, hoping to increase his turnout. He figured a lot of women attending probably want to look like the girls in his biker magazine. Gail Worth, who owns a Harley shop in KC loves the concept. She thinks it’s “funny and clever” and says, simply, “Yoo hoo, go women.”

I think it’s pretty good, too. It certainly isn’t for everyone and will no doubt be held up by many as a terribly sexist move, but as we’ve said here at AC many times before, know your target, and speak directly to them. I’m pretty sure the biker chicks who are looking to fill our their leathers will be all for it.

Plus, just consider the balls, er, boobs it took to roll with it. Or jiggle with it. Whichever.

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