‘Find 815’ makes ‘Lost’ minutiae fun again

It’s been a long time since Lost viewers were foolish enough to think the writers had a plan for where the show was headed, or that the hidden clues really meant anything. But season four’s new promotional game, Find815.com, actually rewards those who pay attention to subtle hints and coded messages. You don’t even have to be a superfan to enjoy the “alternate reality game,” which follows former Oceanic Airlines employee Sam Thomas on his search for a girlfriend who vanished aboard the ill-fated Flight 815. There are plenty of obscure references to tease Lost lovers, such as an e-mail asking for help finding a “Black Rock,” which you might remember as the 1800s British slave ship marooned high on the Lost island. There are also cute “coincidences,” like the reference to a massive volcanic eruption in 1815 (as in, Flight 815). All in all, it’s a fun way to wile away the days until the Jan. 31 premiere of season four.

—Posted by David Griner

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