Creative Media Marketing: PR Account Director

$80,000-90,000 + benefits:

Creative Media Marketing:
We are a fast paced, high energy public relations agency specializing in the beauty and lifestyle arena and we’re looking for a self-motivated, pro…
New York City, New York (US)

Flashback Friday: Leo Burnett — Humanist, Storyteller, A Man of High Standards

Leo Burnett studied journalism at the University of Michigan and received his bachelor’s degree in 1914. His first job out of college was as a reporter for the Peoria Journal Star in Peoria, Illinois. In 1917, he moved to Detroit and was hired to edit an in-house publication for Cadillac Clearing House. That’s right, Leo B. was an early practitioner of content marketing. […]

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Archer – The Danger Zone (2019) :30 (USA)



Air Asia had to remove ads after accusations that they were promoting sex tourism in Thailand

marketing mishaps

Banned ads

A group of activists fighting against the objectification of women posted photos of Air Asia’s latest campaign in Australia, which advertised flights to Bangkok under the slogan “Get off in Thailand”.

Opel: Mokka X – Ecotec System

Opel Outdoor Ad - Mokka X - Ecotec System
Opel Outdoor Ad - Mokka X - Ecotec System
Opel Outdoor Ad - Mokka X - Ecotec System

Coco De Mer: Hypnotic

Coco De Mer Print Ad - Hypnotic
Coco De Mer Print Ad - Hypnotic

The concept and embroidery designs focus specifically on a study into the sexually metaphorical use of fruit and flora for expressions of sensuality, temptation, and seduction. The concept interprets a study into Botticelli’s infamous ‘Primavera’, a hypnotic allegory based on the lush growth of Sprint.

Photographer Rankin & Eminent Creative director Neel Majumder, channels the work of the Italian Renaissance for Coco de Mer’s spring-summer 2019 campaign. The UK-based lingerie brand celebrates the female form with a shoot inspired by Sandro Botticelli’s famous ‘Primavera’ painting.

British Vogue Partnered With L’Oreal and McCann to Publish an 80-Page ‘Non-Issue’ on Aging

Readers of the May edition of British Vogue might have been surprised to find another issue tucked inside. More specifically, the bonus content is a “non-issue” dedicated to the topic of age in the worlds of beauty, fashion and culture. Created by McCann London and McCann Paris for client L’Or?al Paris, the 80-page “non-issue” is…

15,000 People Responded to Arby’s Offer of a One-Day, $6 Trip to Hawaii

Arby’s super fans have turned out in force for the restaurant’s quirky stunts in the past, like subscription boxes full of branded swag that sold out in less than an hour. And within the past week, 15,000 of them tussled–virtually, not physically–for a chance to fly more than 5,000 miles round-trip in a single day…

Barrett: The Barrett REC10 – Built for the Most Demanding Customer

Film to promote the release of Barrett®’s military contract AR10 platform, the REC10™. Since the rifle would actually be used in theater overseas, we wanted the story of soldier and rifle to be told in the most authentic way possible. We used real marines and special operations forces to both be on screen and off making sure every scene was authentic and true to how it might be in the field. We wanted every frame to feel dusty, grimy, with no escape to any semblance of comfort. We filmed on the Canon® C700™ and had to have it bagged in every scene because of the amount of dust and debris we kept putting in the air. All of the action scenes were shot with the shutter over-cranked as well to give it that frantic look made famous by Saving Private Ryan. Filming took place in central Utah in the middle of December. There was no snow on the ground miraculously, but it was a struggle to have the locations read hot in camera. All-in-all, we had an incredible cast, crew, and client that really made our vision for this spot come to life.

Video of The Barrett® REC10™ – Built for the Most Demanding Customer

Carnet Jove: Move On

Video of Mou-te – Carnet Jove 2019 Apologizes for Ad Showing Slavery-Era Interracial Couple

The genealogy company said it had pulled a video ad that depicted an interracial couple fleeing the antebellum South.

Lyra McKee, 29, Journalist; Killed Covering Northern Ireland Unrest

An author, speaker and gay-rights activist, she was shot during rioting on Thursday just before tweeting: “Derry tonight. Absolute madness.”

TheWeedTube Will Spark Up Its iOS and Android Apps on 4/20

If you’re going to release an application featuring videos from cannabis-focused content creators, there couldn’t possibly be a more appropriate day to do so than April 20. TheWeedTube is marking the date that the cannabis community treats as a virtual national holiday with the debut of its new iOS and Android apps, as well as…

WarnerMedia Pulls Out of OpenAP Audience Targeting Platform. Other Companies Remain ‘Committed’

OpenAP isn’t quite as open as it used to be. WarnerMedia, which two years ago created the OpenAP audience targeting platform alongside Viacom and Fox, said today it is pulling out of the consortium. “As our company has transformed, our advanced advertising strategy has evolved,” said a WarnerMedia ad sales spokesperson. “As a result, we…

UCB / Shwapno: UCB AgroBanking

In Bangladesh, there are 36 million financial outcasts living off the land, and without the ability to access credit, save, and secure their future.

Small farmers usually grow more than they can sell in local markets. This excess produce is often wasted or sold at a loss to middlemen.

AgroBanking by United Commercial Bank is the world’s first initiative to transform fresh fruits and vegetables—into bank accounts.

UCB, one of the Largest Banks partnered with the largest grocery chain in Bangladesh, Shwapno, to purchase such goods at fair prices.

AgroBanking allows farmers to open microsavings accounts in exchange for their produce.

Through its massive farmer and distribution network, Shwapno can deliver the fresh fruits and vegetables to stores across Bangladesh.

Finally giving farmers the opportunity to join the formal economy, reduce inequality and help them grow.


Burger King: The Vampire Whopper

Burger King Print Ad - The Vampire Whopper

Millennials don’t think Burger King is cool. BK wants to change that during their favorite holiday: Halloween. Introducing the Vampire Whopper and the Bloody Shake. The Whopper is topped with a caffeinated, spicy red sauce, engineered to keep you awake so you can adopt the vampire lifestyle. The blood orange flavored Bloody Shake will cool you down and satisfy any vampiric urges.

Desperados: Epic Parties Imagined by You

Nature's Table: Plate & Bowl

Nature’s Table is a new brand of natural food for cats and dogs. The quality of ingredients for Nature’s Table is so high that it meets the standards of food safety for people, and this quality ensures excellent taste that does not need to be masked by artificial flavors.

But in reality, people wouldn’t want to share a bowl of food with their dog or cat. And we decided to go the other way – to offer the owners a way to treat their pets and share the dinner with them without harm to health.

So we opened “Plate and Bowl” Café by Nature’s Table: not just a pet-friendly cafe, but a human-friendly cafe for dogs on the territory of a farm market.

Video of Nature’s Table. Plate&Bowl // RODNYA Creative PR Studio

How Brands Around the Globe Are Commemorating Earth Day

Monday is the most environmentally friendly day of the year–it’s Earth Day, the holiday dedicated to honoring our planet and pushing for people to take better care of it. And with talk around climate change and a Green New Deal hitting a fever pitch, this year’s Earth Day is sure to resonate more than ever….

Menswear Brand Whiskers Hopes to Woo Dressy Dudes Into Accessorizing With Luxury Shoelaces

Entrepreneurs like to talk about “white space,” those spots in the market where there’s a need for a product and yet, somehow, incredibly, nobody has thought to make it yet. There’s no single good way to identify white space, of course, but Kyle Groth is happy to tell you how he found his. It was…