Closing of Pacific Standard and Topic Shows Perils of Depending on a Rich Patron

With the loss of the two award-winning publications, digital media got a little less brainy in the summer of ’19.

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Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá Bogotá Music Market – BOmm 2019: Where music and business align

Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá

The Bogotá Music Market (BOmm) is a program designed by the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce (BCC), for musicians, composers, producers, agencies, entrepreneurs, brands, labels and publishers to discover new talents, create business opportunities and learn about the latest trends in the industry. A place where music creativity and business is united in one place. THE IDEA: For the edition of BOmm 2019 we wanted our communication territory and creative concept to be: the place where music and business aligns, and to show it this we wanted to create a graphic campaign that would excite all participants and generate a unique visual impact. Mixing 3D modeling and illustration techniques, we aligned in the center of our posters various elements that will symbolize the technical aspects of business with everything amazing that music can produce, representing how in a single event we managed to bring together the entire music industry and from there generate business development for the city.

Advertising Agency:Silva Publicidad, Bogotá, Colombia
Creative Director:Carlos Piñeros Serrano
Art Director:Carlos Arturo Sánchez
Graphic Designer:Rubén de Ávila
Copywriter:Walter Zuñiga
3d Modeling:Carlos Arturo Sánchez

Stabilo: Light


Advertising Agency:Suárez&Clavera, Montevideo, Uruguay
Graphic Designer:Damian Minacapilli
Creative Director:Valentina Amilivia
Copywriter:Carlos Pelossi

Marmite: Lords Ashes Response

Direct Marketing

Advertising Agency:adam&Eve/DDB, London, United Kingdom
Joint CEO:Mat Goff
Business Director:Tom White
Account Director:Oliver Lester
Account Executive:Emily Bristowe
Chief Strategy Officer:Martin Beverly
Planning Director:Will Grundy
Chief Creative Officer:Richard Brim
Group Executive Creative Director:Ben Tollett
Creative Directors:Simon Vicars and Andre Sallowicz
Head Of Design:Paul Knowles
Senior Account Director:Nikki Guest
Senior Account Manager:Jess O’Donohoe

Ichnya: Condensed Milk of Outstanding Women

Direct Marketing, Design

In history textbooks, there are not many women’s names. We heard about the actions of Skoropadsky, Kotsyubinsky, Bandera, but we have not heard anything about their wives who had a direct impact on their husbands, and as a result on the politics of Ukraine. Such depreciation of women’s role has led to the fact that 70% of men in Ukraine are convinced that the woman’s place is in the kitchen. Decision To draw attention to the problem, we chose well-known “male” surnames (Bandera, Skoropadsky, Kotsyubinsky) and told the story of women who stood behind them. Our idea was a unique packaging design for a limited batch of condensed milk. One hundred sets were sent to the leading Ukrainian media, bloggers and opinion leaders. Results The bold choice of surnames attracted the attention of 189 Ukrainian and 73 Russian media. The number of fans of the “Ichnyansky dairy and cannery” page on Facebook has increased by 1200%. The project with a budget of $ 14.69 covered 26,820,589 users.

Advertising Agency:TABASCO creative agency, Kiev, Ukraine
PRmanager:Sofia Kasianenko
Account Manager:Natalia Zayko
Account Director:Elena Lapshova
Head Of Digital:Yevgenia Ruban
Copywriter:Anna Pronicheva
Art Director:Svetlana Gorovenko
Creative Director:Alexander Smirnov

Prefeitura de Sao Paulo: Don't Be Cold

Prefeitura de Sao Paulo

Campaign for the City of São Paulo to inform and raise awareness among the people of São Paulo about how low winter temperatures affect people living on the streets.

Advertising Agency:Lua Propagada, São Paulo, Brazil

Social-Bee: Spot the Refugee


By using famous refugees as testimonials, the campaign shows that prejudices are wrong.

Advertising Agency:Jung von Matt, Stuttgart, Germany
Creative Director:Rico Noël, Matthias Hess
Art Director:Rico Noël
Copy:Matthias Hess
Copywriter & Concept:Andrea Weisser
Senior Art Director:Simon Schafstall, Julien Bucaille
Head Of Dtp:Anny Wiederoither
Cgi Artist:Gabriel Wiesler
Art Buyer:Kyra Braatz
Junior Art Buyer:Jennifer Fahrenkrog
Senior Social Media Manager:Jasmin Schlaich

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Shipping Container Micro Homes – Marilia Pellegrini Produces a Concept for a Luxury-Focused Home (GALLERY)

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What Is The Necessity Of Measured Building Surveys

Building safety is one of the most important aspects and it can be ensured only with effective measured building surveys. These surveys are usually conducted accurately and precisely by efficient building surveyors having specialisation and experience. Currently, building projects can be easily tackled with the help of these detailed surveys. 

How these surveys are conducted successfully

Multiple steps are involved in measured building surveys and these steps need to be aligned and executed property for receiving a flawless outcome. Stability and strength of building structures can be now ensured by these valuable surveys. Art of building measuring can be properly executed only with the use of high-end cameras. On the other hand, both GPS and lasers are also needed in this respect. Some of the essential aspects of buildings focussed in these measurements are stepped’ positioning, doors and windows, skirting boards, handrails, beams and fixed and coving furniture especially cupboards. 

These surveys are necessary for both new and old buildings. Building plans can be now prepared efficiently on the basis of the reports generated by these surveys. Redesigning and repairing costs can be saved. Maintenance costs will also get reduced to a great extent. Future tasks especially revamping, renovation, modifications, design change, alteration of electrical or plumbing systems, re-equipping, safety assessments and revamping activities can be easily performed with highest accuracy and perfection. Service items can be perfectly positioned as a result of which building safety can be maintained in the long run.

Building engineering and architectural planning are now possible only with properly measured surveys of buildings. Nowadays, surveyors are using highly advanced measurement technologies for enhancing the structural strength of buildings of all types including corporate, residential and public buildings. CAD drawings and maps are very much essential for constructing buildings and they can be easily prepared if proper survey reports are produced. Building requirements can be understood and fulfilled efficiently. Building conservation is maintained with the correct measurement of buildings. Laser scanning is also included within the process for making the measurement tasks much easier and simpler. 

Sometimes, the measurement method might take a long time but this measurement will surely reduce the associated risks. Poorly documented reports can create a huge mess and thus they need to be avoided. Protection of historic buildings is now very much possible with accurate measurements. Planning permission needs to be taken first and only after that, the process of building measurements can be initiated. Safety planning needs to be developed so that the buildings can stay secured against all possible hazards. These kinds of measurements are now treated as the most important aspect of building making and maintenance. Therefore, all real-estate companies or agencies are relying completely on measured building surveys

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Mamilos 210 – Povos indígenas: de onde viemos, para onde vamos

Quando os portugueses, os espanhóis e depois os holandeses invadiram o Brasil, habitavam aqui entre 2 e 6 milhões de pessoas. Povos milenares como os Guarani, que acredita-se ter cerca de 4 mil anos. Enquanto os índios queriam entender do que era feito o corpo europeu, tão branco e coberto, o europeu enxergava no corpo …

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Taylors of Harrogate – "Why didn't we think of that before?" in new £2M Coffee Bags campaign, created by Lucky Generals.

Why on earth did we not think of this before? This is the question that Taylors of Harrogate are building their campaign around, After all, it seems so obvious that one could brew a single cup of coffee the same way you brew a single cup of tea. Like all truly clever ideas, it’s obvious in hindsight, and so the campaign is humorously self-deprecating.

Since their launch in November 2016, Taylors of Harrogate has grown to the number one brand in coffee bags. This campaign follows a relaunch of the product. After over 18 months of product development, Taylors coffee bags are now available in a redesigned box with an optimised bag and a new blend in the range, Flying Start.

 Kelly Wright, Senior Brand Manager for Taylors of Harrogate says:

“Coffee bags are proof that consumers don’t need to compromise to enjoy proper coffee, but not enough people know they exist. We’re really excited to be championing Taylors coffee bags through this campaign, enlightening millions about this game changer of a product.”

 “We don’t take ourselves too seriously at Taylors. This campaign is funny, disruptive and self-deprecating, asking the question we’ve been asking ourselves for almost three years. We hope everyone loves it as much as we do!”

Danny Brooke-Taylor, founder at Lucky Generals, says:

“So often in life, the best solution to something is the one that’s been staring you in the face from the very start. We’re really proud of this campaign but why didn’t we think of it before?”

The film in the campaign will be airing in 60, 30 and 10-second cut downs. It depicts a woman pondering why this ingenious idea hasn’t struck us before, and all these silly situations through time where someone who has come up with the idea is interrupted in various ways. Props for the 1970s and 1980s art direction, by the way. I love the stoner guy talking to a coatrack and the giant 80s phone. 

The TV campaign will be supported by a range of shopper marketing, out of home, digital, PR and sampling activity at music festivals and train stations across the country this month, targeting consumers who prefer roast and ground coffee but sometimes have to compromise with instant coffee in the interest of convenience.

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Brand: Taylors of Harrogate

Client name and job title: Taylors Coffee Bags – Why didn’t we think of them before?
Creative Agency: Lucky Generals

Media agency: Goodstuff
Director: Randy Krallman
Production Company: Smuggler
Production Company Producer: Gustav Geldenhuys
Editing House/Editor:  Marshall Street Editor / Tim Thornton-Allan
Post Production: Electric Theatre Collective 

Post Production Producer: Jon Purton

Colourist: Janson Wallis 

2D Lead: Paul Wilmot

2D Artists: Flavio Kawamoto, Tomer Epsthein

DMP: Dave Gibbons

Sound Studio/Engineer: Wave Studios / Parv Thind 


About Lucky Generals

Lucky Generals is a creative company for people on a mission. An Emmy-nominated, multi-award-winning agency, with creativity at its core, we believe in making work that makes a difference. Founded in 2013 by Helen Calcraft, Andy Nairn and Danny Brooke-Taylor, Lucky Generals is now an international agency with offices in London and New York. Clients include Amazon, AB Inbev, Celebrity Cruises, Funding Circle and The Co-op.

Mercedes Canada has stirred up controversy with line "the values that unite us all" in short Twitter ad

Mercedes Canada has stirred up controversy with their most recent tweet celebrating “the values that unite us all.” That is, gay pride, because pride is now in Canada, a full two weeks after gay pride month USA finished, and a week after most Gay Prides in Europe, which may have triggered some of the responses to this tweet. “Is this Pride thing a multi month celebration now? I’m growing tired of it” responds one twitter user, while others concentrate on the line “the values that unite us all” as it is juxtaposed with various LGBTQ people.

Say what you want about peoples reactions, this does teach us a valuable lesson about advertising placement. After having seen pretty much every brand on Twitter US change their logotypes and tweet Gay Pride things for all of July, I too was getting rather fed up. Then the second wave began for me, as Gay Pride in Sweden began in August. Now it is in Canada. There is value in keeping your advertising local when it is. 

Then there is also a problem with the practice of rainbow-washing, a.k.a pinkwashing. Like Greenwashing and Equalitywashing, consumers know when brands are pandering and the act of rainbow-washing can threaten brands. Products that profit from pride divide the LGBTQ community because honestly is that bottle of rainbow Absolute Vodka in a box of glitter really a company showing allyship or just making a quick sales bump?

Will people buy more Mercedes now that Mercedes Canada has had a bearded Drag Queen talk about “spirit” together with other LGBTQ people who mention things like life and sunlight? The most hostile response that Mercedes received, however, was an image reminding them of their past that shows this car brands willingness to follow the current zeitgeist without question. I’m sure that wasn’t the result the creative team had in mind, when they talked about “the values that unite us all.”

Mercedes-Benz greets the airplanes flying overhead with a “Heil Hitler!” salute made with vehicles manufactured at the Daimler-Benz factory in 1936.

marketing mishaps

Markee the Sad

Leo Burnett London and McDonald’s create spoof fashion brand ‘Schnuggs’ to launch spicy chicken nuggets

McDonald’s and Leo Burnett London have launched an amusing campaign called ‘Schnuggs’ celebrating the release of new Spicy Chicken McNuggets, their hottest new product launch and the latest addition to its menu, available for seven weeks. The models Andrezo, Esmeralda and Jake strut their best “Cool” faces drumming up the hype as they are wearing custom made Spicy Chicken McNuggets apparel. It is the hottest fashion drop of the year – Spicy X Chicken McNuggets = Schnuggs. 


Spoofing the launches of fashion brands like Supreme, this is just McD’s way of teasing you about the hot, literally, chicken McNuggets.

Together with the spoof fashion brand, there’s also ads with mysterious burn holes in the Metro, that announced the launch of Spicy Chicken McNuggets at McDonald’s on Wednesday 7th.

Liz Whitbread at McDonald’s said “The Spicy Chicken McNuggets campaign is a very exciting product launch for us. An existing innovation to one of our most loved products and with Schnuggs, we’ve got a campaign to match.”

Graham Lakeland, Creative Director at Leo Burnett London, said: “We drew inspiration from these cult-like brands that have this young audience going crazy for their latest product.  Therefore, creating a spoof ‘hype beast’ clothing brand to model our new Spicy McNuggets felt like a great fit. This, coupled with a mixture of food-focused posts helps us create a buzz to become one of the most talked about foods this year.”

Billboard for the spicy chicken McNuggets

Agency: Leo Burnett London
Creative Director:  Graham Lakeland
Creative:  Aaron Taylor
Planner/CSU Director: Carl Juresic, Adriana Ferran, Linnea Berglund
Designer: Paul Reddington, Sam Kallen
Photographer : Myles New

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